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About Us


İnan Çelik, is one of the leading companies in the Turkish White Goods sector, which is the number one manufacturer in Europe with over 25 million units of production. There is certainly a product bearing İnan Çelik’s signature among most of the white goods sold in Turkey with a domestic sales volume of over 7 million units.

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Founded in 1992, İnan Çelik has become a large-scale industry enterprise that serves the most prestigious companies of the world with more than 200 staff members in total at its modern production facilities established on a total area of 20,000 square meters in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.

Having an experienced, professional, and ever-growing corporate structure, İnan Çelik continues to offer innovative ideas to its business partners thanks to its design skills, young engineer staff members and the accumulation of knowledge on sectoral basis.

İnan Çelik, which aims to become the leading manufacturer in sheet metal forming moulds, sheet print and assembly products thanks to its dynamic structure keeping up with the sectoral trends, manufactures as per the international quality standards with its production based on automation systems at modern production facilities, experienced staff and customer-oriented service policy.

İnan Çelik, which attained a steady and reliable place in the highly competitive and rapidly-developing market by working in cooperation with its customers, maintain mold forming and sheet metalworking engineering for automotive, white goods, heating and air-conditioning sectors, and offer professional solutions in relation to sheet metal and value added assembly ranging from simple parts to complicated assemblies. It also creates solutions with the aim of improving the final product and prioritizes sustainability of the quality in the light of R&D practices carried out in collaboration with the customers.

The strength of İnan Çelik lies in its highly motivated, experienced and well-educated staff members, and its experiences gained over many years and its efficient process monitoring. İnan Çelik provides added value to its customers’ global competitiveness with all these elements. 

İnan Çelik, which promotes customer-satisfaction-oriented quality policy and organizational structure, shall keep face with technological developments in the future as it does right now by utilizing its resources in the best possible way with its sense of responsibility towards its staff members, suppliers and the environment, and shall provide the best service to its customers with a sustainable quality policy.