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Social Responsibility

"Within the scope of our Social Responsibility activities, 1% of our company's annual scrap revenue is allocated to support the art schools around us."

-Increasing environmental awareness of our employees and society

-Reducing environmental pollution by minimizing the consumption of resources used

- Strictly complying with environmental laws, regulations and standards

Within the scope of Environmental Law No. 2872 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the main environmental activities carried out within the structure are as follows.

- Classification of wastes

- Separate collection of classified wastes according to their classes

- Storage of collected wastes in waste storage area according to their characteristics

- Disposal of stored wastes by appropriate methods and by institutions authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

- Regular monitoring of environmental legislation

- To maximize the use of natural resources

- Performing the necessary environment and emission measurements in the periods determined by the legal regulations

- Monitoring of environmental permits and environmental efficiency assessment report in accordance with the legislation

- Planning and implementation of internal audits annually

- Conducting environmental risk assessment studies

- Providing training to employees on environmental awareness, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, classification of wastes and what to do in environmental accidents

Apart from these, in our company;

- Attention is paid to using less harmful products instead of environmentally harmful products.

- Banned and restricted chemicals are not used by European Standards.

- The environmental dimensions of the chemicals and consumables used are known and employees are trained on these issues.